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Montgomery County Texas
Songwriting & Performing Consortium

The Consortium is an opportunity for songwriters & performing artists to join with others to share their talents, get feedback on songwriting styles, presentation and/or collaborate with folks that have different levels of expertise.

Why Join?

Write songs, but do not play an instrument? Collaborate with a musician who can provide chord progressions, tempo’s and music production.

Playing cover songs, but not writing your own materials, take part in song critiquing and pair up with someone who may have a hook line.

Want to get honest and well placed criticism to take your performance to the next level? Performance courtyard, indoor venue, area’s set up as you would in live venues. Put your performance out there to others who perform and let them give advice to making your show pop.

Just want to have fun, and hang around like minded folks who love music and enjoy quality time with friends?

Then the MCTSPC may be just what the doctor ordered.


Join for FREE till January 1, 2017!

We offer 3 types of memberships, or buy in. Annual, Lifetime, or Contest Buy-In.

Annual Charter Membership FREE
FREE if you join before January 1, 2017!
After January 1, 2017 – Pay $40.00 initial sign up for first year and $20.00 per year for active members thereafter.

All new members will be recognized in a monthly write up with a bio listing past accomplishments or current talents and status. Also they will be added to a contact list for other members' use. All active members are eligible for contest entries, which can pay awards, based on total participation of other members. (Please see contest guidelines, and Contest buy in.)

Lifetime Charter Membership FREE
FREE if you join before January 1, 2017!
After January 1, 2017 – Pay a One-time Membership Fee $100

A one-time fee includes the same benefits as the Annual Membership, but also Honorable mention on the Website. Lifetime members will be considered “founding members” and will be involved in quarterly planning & development meetings, and become part of the steering committee.

Contest Buy-in
Contest Entry Fees Only

For those who only want to participate in our contests without the Annual or Lifetime membership. Entering our contests will allow you to put your Songs or Talent up against the other members for the contest fee only. These fees will be collected and divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd position winners. The more members who get in, the bigger the pot. There will be more definitions on the contest guidelines as things progress. The frequency will be 4 times per year as a minimum, and may be more depending on member interests and participation.

Note: All members upon joining will be required to sign a hold harmless waiver, and guests visiting the Crazy Moon will need to do the same. 1 per year is sufficient for all attending.

All monies collected will be put back into the operation and administrative needs to support the MCTSPC, or to award contestants as available. Once completely established the MCTSPC will defined as a 5013C organization. All receipts of operation will be maintained and be discussed during quarterly coordination meetings.

About Us

About Us

The “Crazy Moon” ranch is under personal ownership of Hank and Diann Flowers. The “place” has been built up for the sole purpose of enjoyment with family and friends. My personal life has been interlaced with songwriting, performing, recording, and just generally enjoying the atmosphere of playing music with friends.

Out of this comes the desire to have like-minded folks talking, playing, performing and being part of an association where development of style, technique, collaboration, networking, and generally just having fun with music is born.

The vehicle name for this is, “The Montgomery County Texas Songwriters and Performer Consortium” (MCTSPC)

Why Montgomery County Texas? Currently existing associations will take you to Houston, Dallas, or Brazoria county, with hardly anything in between...that and that is where the Crazy Moon is located.

Why songwriter and performer? Giving the music birth and giving it life can be a multi-step process. Not in every case does someone have all the necessary talents or resources. In this environment, dreams can come true.

Consortium - Any association, partnership or union...sounds a whole like friends, family, colleague, or buddy, to me.

We are glad you are here.
Hank and Diann

Contact Us

The Crazy Moon and Consortium is located in the Cut and Shoot Texas area.

Physical address:
9898 White Rock Road
Conroe Texas 77306
Phone: 832-527-4225
Email: mctspc@gmail.com

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Email info@mctxsongwriters-performers.com to join.